You Could Be Losing Business to Competitors if You’re Not Secure

Is Your Business Site Secure? If not You Could Be Losing Business to Competitors

One of the first places people look for information about businesses now is the internet. It’s common to do a quick Google search while trying to find a place to eat, drink or do just about anything. While it’s great to have a website, it is now becoming important to make sure your website is secure, and I’m not talking about your passwords.

I’m talking about that little green padlock in the top of web browsers that indicates if a website is secured using HTTPS or not. In past years, a secured website was only really important for websites that stored personal information and allowed visitors to log in. Now having or not having HTTPS enabled can affect all websites, and may make the difference in a customer visiting your business or choosing a competitor.

Why is having HTTPS enabled so important now?

That’s because currently, some browsers may just show “not secure” in the address bar if your site is not secure, but soon visitors will see a warning in the middle of their screen that says “The site you are trying to visit is not secure.” Major search engines like Google, Bing, and others will also soon stop showing or drastically lower the ranking in search results of sites that aren’t secured using HTTPS. It has also been mentioned that there is a possibility that Facebook may also stop allowing links to websites that aren’t secured.

How to Secure Your Site

To add HTTPS to your site, you will need an SSL certificate installed on the server your site is hosted on. If you use a website developer, they should know how to secure your site. If they haven’t already talked to you about this, you may want to consider finding someone new though, since this issue has been well-known and talked about for over a year in the web development community. If you designed your own site, you should look through the features available or contact support to ask about turning on HTTPS. In some cases, you can get an SSL certificate installed to have HTTPS turned on for free, while others may charge. The typical prices for a restaurant website will range between $10 and $50 depending on your service provider. If for some reason you are unable to get an SSL certificate install with your provider, you should highly consider moving your site to another provider as all reputable web hosting services and website developers offer them. Lake Charles Eats can also help get your site secure or migrate it to a service that does. Feel free to use our contact form to contact us.

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