Buffi’s or Darrell’s Which is Better? Take the Poll

Who Has the Best – Buffi’s Peaux Boys or Darrell’s Po-boys?

Buffi's vs Darrell's

It’s a competition and argument that has been going on in Southwest Louisiana for years now. They both even have a “special” on their menu. Let’s compare the sandwiches.

  • Buffi’s Special – Ham, turkey, roast beef, American cheese, Swiss cheese, provolone, jalapeño mayo, lettuce & au jus gravy.
  • Darrell’s Special – Ham, turkey, roast beef, and roast beef gravy, served with mustard, mayonnaise or jalapeno mayonnaise, lettuce, and American, Swiss, and/or Provolone cheese.

Those aren’t the only similarities before you vote, have a look at the menus and try them out if you haven’t already.
Buffi’s Peaux Boys
Darrell’s Po-boys

If you have already tried them both, which restaurant do you think is better?

Buffi’s vs Darrell's

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