Where Can I Buy King Cake in the Lake Charles Area?

It’s time again for that oval shaped pastry cake decorated in purple, green and gold to hit the shelves at bakeries and stores. That’s right, it’s King Cake time again! The list on this page will help you find places selling that yummy celebratory desert in Southwest Louisiana.

If you want to see who has the best king cake In the Lake Charles area, check out the poll here.

Listed Alphabetically – Click or tap an address for directions

Do you know of a place in Southwest Louisiana that sells king cakes that’s not listed?
Want to share your opinion about one of the places on the list?
Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jude Richard

    Happy Doughnuts in Grandlake south of lake charles

  2. lauren o'neill

    Im lauren oneill, my husband and i own O’neills gluten free goodness at 421 Alamo st. We are serving king cakes!! They are gluten free, as is everything else we sell. I just thought i’d share. 🙂


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