Five Crawfish Boil Supplies

It happens in the Southern United States in late February or early March depending on how wet and warm it is. I’m talking about crawfish season! While it’s easy to go to a restaurant or drive thru crawfish boiler, sometimes it is more fun to throw a party and have a crawfish boil of your own. Plus you get to add in extras and season to your own taste.

Whether you’re having a small get together or throwing a big party, the crawfish boil supplies below are sure to help you out.

Some of the items listed can be found in stores, but usually cost less online. Many of the items are also sold by Louisiana and U.S. based companies.

All items have buyer protection, return policies and orders are securely processed through Amazon.

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Crawfish Pot, Basket and Burner

You can’t boil them without a burner and a pot. This package comes with a burner, 50-quart pot, and steamer basket. You can also use this package to boil and steam other things year round.

Click or tap on the image for more information and to order. The package was listed at $92.99 at the time of writing.

Protect Your Clothes

They titled them “Lobster Bibs” but we’ll forgive them. These handy disposable bibs cover from your neck to your waist.

At the time of writing they were listed at $0.18 each (100 for $18.48). Click or tap the image to order.

Season them Up!

This is the 72 oz. “sack sized” Zatarains crawfish boil. They call it “sack sized” because it’s the right amount of seasoning for one sack of crawfish. It was listed at $11.99 per jar when this was written, but you can also get a discounted price if you purchase more than one jar.

Click or tap on the image to order.

Keep the Drinks Cold

Keep all of your drinks and other items cold with this inflatable ice serving buffet bar. It even has a drain plug at the bottom so you can drain it and roll it up when you’re not using it. Since it floats, you can also use it for pool parties. It was listed at $7.95 when this was written.

Click on the image to see more details and order.

Are You the King?

Whether you’re the crawfish king yourself, know one or maybe you are throwing a crawfish eating contest, this is the shirt for you. It’s available in three colors and only costs the same as the average printed t-shirt at $16.99.

Click or tap on the image to choose size, color and order.

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